What happens to refugee families after the media has moved on?

Why have they fled their homelands to begin a new life on a new continent?

How can we love our new neighbours?


From Germany to the USA, Finland to Greece and many places in between, refugees are gathered from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and so many other lands. We've seen image after image of people arriving on the boats, of families trapped at the border. But after they are allowed to travel on and arrive at their destination, their lives in the new lands are often tucked away into transit camps and refugee homes. The stories of the individuals quickly get lost in the drama of the thousands.

Many have fled from war. Many were being persecuted for their ethnicity or religion.

This project gives a small glimpse into their worlds: where they have come from, their hopes as they move into an uncertain future, and the dignity that clothes each and every person.

We also tell stories of volunteers and other ordinary people who are finding ways to engage with refugees. And we tell the stories of the refugees who are offering their time and resources when they have nothing else to give.

It is our hope that these stories will inspire us to respond with
love and compassion.

Our Instagram is full of stories of refugees, volunteers, and other inspiring humans. We blog most frequently at Medium, where we also publish in-depth photo essays. We also post volunteer opportunities (or create our own!) to give ideas for practical ways to help in your own community.

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The Team

Talitha Brauer is the photographer behind Brother's Keeper International. Brauer is a US-born photographer who grew up in Ireland and Germany and is currently based in Berlin. In September 2015, Talitha traveled with a Syrian refugee family from Budapest to Hamburg. You can read their story here. Since then, she has been active in helping refugees in her local community and seeks to put human faces and stories to complex social issues.

Brauer's work has been featured by Al Jazeera, Save the Children, the Prague Monitor, Ihned.cz, and Ubiquity: The Journal of Literature, Literacy, and the Arts.

Suzanna Klaucke works on strategy and story development at Brother's Keeper International.
Her passion is to produce video, photo and interactive content that brings social media and campaigns to life - generating action and engagement. An avid world traveler, Suzanna directs crews as they explore the most difficult and remote places on earth to tell the stories that need to be heard. She is currently Associate Creative Director/Producer at Save the Children USA.


Chandler Smith helps with communication at Brother's Keeper International. She is a wife to one, mother to three, and has a background in education and marketing. She spends her days managing chaos, making her home a safe place, and loving the people around her. 


Blake Smith helps with strategy and vision  at Brother's Keeper International. He is the co-Founder and CEO of Cladwell.com, a website that helps you build an ethical and sustainable capsule wardrobe. He is passionate about telling true stories and loving his family. He also makes a mean cocktail. 

Danica Simonet is passionate about the change-making potential of stories, as well as the potential of spreading life-changing ideas via social media. This summer she is heading up the social media campaign for Brother's Keeper International, as well as sharing her volunteer experiences and the stories she encounters along the way.