The boys at the Faros home remind me of other teenage boys I've worked with - some shy, some outgoing, many of them engaged with their phones and curious about their place in the world. Javed* in particular reminded me of a business man - he made entertaining conversation with me although he spoke only a bit of English, and I kept running into him out and about in Athens.


Interview and photography by Talitha Brauer. Editing by Becca Ashton.


Javed* from Iran


What’s your name? Javed.

And how old are you? Twelve.

Twelve! You’re twelve. And tell me one thing interesting about you.
– I make the best game - I mimic very well.

Yes, you do. What’s your favorite hobby? Or your sport, or whatever.

Translator: The sport is eh…--

Javed: Good.

Translator: Very good.

Staff Member: Yeah, you are very good.  (Everyone laughs).

Hassan* from Afghanistan


Can you tell me your name? My name is Hassan.

And how old are you? – Fourteen.

And where are you from? Afghanistan.

Can you tell me something interesting about yourself? I would like to have my own tailor shop.

Aha. And what do you like the best about tailoring? – Working with the sewing machine.

Your personality: would you describe yourself as shy, or outgoing, or funny, or serious? – I’m very funny.

And what do you like to do for fun? Like, what’s your favorite fun activity? I like to joke, and make jokes with other guys.

Amin* from Afghanistan


I want to become a football – ah, football player.

You want to be a football player? And, can you tell me your name? – My name is Amin.

And how old are you? – I am fifteen.

Fifteen. You’re from? …  – Afghanistan.

Afghanistan. And you want to be a football player when you grow up. And what is your personality like? Quiet? Outgoing? – I’m funny.

You’re also funny? All you guys are so funny. And what do you do for fun? – We play different games with friends.

What is your favorite thing about Athens? – Just going with friends for football.


(*names changed)



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