In 2015, the eyes of the world were on the island of Lesvos as thousands of war-torn refugees arrived on beautiful Greek shores. In March 2016, the EU-Turkey Agreement was signed, requiring refugees to have their asylum claims processed in Greece before moving on to another country.

As a result, many refugees were stranded on the island and instead of being a place of transit, Lesvos became home to thousands of refugees detained for an indefinite amount of time.

In November 2016, Talitha Brauer photographed and interviewed refugees, Greeks, rescue workers, NGO volunteers, and refugees who volunteer. In 2018, she follows up with each of them and investigates the current situation on the island.

Follow along for weekly installments on Wednesdays, starting 7 November 2018.



from Iraq and his cat Tuesday man the transit camp at Skala Sikamineas: the welcome committee for refugees when they arrive. 

published 10/11/2018


from Lebanon endured incredible hardship long before she lived in the unsafe conditions of Moria Refugee Camp.

published 14/11/2018



has been a refugee his whole life. But life in Moria camp on Lesvos was very different from the camp back home in Syria.

published 21/11/2018

Andreas & GINA

own a hotel a couple kilometres from Moria refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece. Their day to day lives haven't been the same.

published 28/11/2018



As a hyacinth in the mountains that men shepherding tread underfoot, and to the ground its flower, all purple
—Sappho [LP 105c] circa 580 BC

published 5/12/2018


on a training day with the team of Mo Chara, a rescue boat which has operated off the north shore of Lesvos since 2015.

published 12/12/2018



uses her vacation to volunteer on the island of Lesvos, bringing structure to the chaos of short-term volunteer work.

published 19/12/2018


from Afghanistan made the journey alone as a 16-year-old and arrived in Lesvos in early 2016. 

published 16/01/2019


TALITHA BRAUER is a photographer and filmmaker based in Berlin, Germany. She has been following the story of the people of Lesvos since January 2016.

Contact her at tkbphotography (at)