Talitha Brauer

Talitha Brauer is the curator and primary author of Brother's Keeper International. Brauer is a US-born photographer who grew up in Ireland and Germany and is currently based in Berlin. In September 2015, Talitha traveled with a Syrian refugee family from Budapest to Hamburg. You can read their story here. Since then, she has been active in helping refugees in her local community and seeks to put human faces and stories to complex social issues.

Brauer's work has been featured by Al Jazeera, Save the Children, the Prague Monitor, Ihned.cz, and Ubiquity: The Journal of Literature, Literacy, and the Arts.




Suzanna Klaucke

Suzanna Klaucke consults on strategy and story development for Brother's Keeper International. She lives in New York and is executive producer and writer of a TV pilot pitch exploring the lives of humanitarian workers in the middle of the toughest global crises.


Danica Simonet

Danica Simonet writes articles and assists with projects for Brother’s Keeper International. She ran the social media campaign for the Liebe Bewegt running group in 2016.


Winnie Schwarz

Winnie Schwarz does the graphics and web design at Brother's Keeper International. The work of the freelance illustrator and graphic designer with roots in Germany and Ghana has been featured by publications like DIE ZEIT, the Financial Times Germany, and the Goethe-Institut. 


Sofia Rukhadze

Sofia Rukhadze from Georgia is a student at LCC International University at Lithuania. Sofia lends her talents to Brother’s Keeper International by transcribing interviews. She loves this work because she likes hearing stories about the people who have challenging and interesting lives.

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Becca Ashton

Becca Ashton volunteers as an editor with Brother's Keeper International because she believes in the power of stories to inspire empathy and change the world. Becca is a literature and ethics teacher at the Christian International School of Prague in the Czech Republic.


Nathan Loizeaux

Nathan Loizeaux pays attention to conversations and creates pithy & challenging content for Brother's Keeper International on Twitter and Facebook. Nathan's classics degree serves him well as he brings some reason to a heated topic. IRL he works in Texas, where he resides with his beautiful wife and three children.



Christina Hicks

Christina Hicks oversaw graphic design and branding for the Liebe Bewegt running group in 2016, a social project which created space for local Berliners and refugees to get to know one another.


Caroline Kimbro

Caroline Kimbro volunteered in 2017 with BKI in the areas of social media and storytelling, researching & laying out stories as well as running Instagram campaigns. She currently studies Public Relations in the USA. 

Blake Smith

Blake Smith developed the strategy and vision at Brother's Keeper International. He is the co-Founder and CEO of Cladwell.com, a website that helps you build an ethical and sustainable capsule wardrobe.


Chandler Smith

Chandler Smith helped with communication at Brother's Keeper International. She is a wife to one, mother to three, and has a background in education and marketing.